Fire Alarm System

If you are planning to install fire alarm systems in your office or building, look no further than Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. Our top-notch fire alarm systems are designed in a way that they do not linger in case of an emergency. These systems combine several fire detectors into groups or loops. If an alarm is triggered, the fire alarm system displays the detector group/number and the location of the activated fire detector.

How Do Modern Fire Alarm Systems Work?

Fire alarm systems with the latest technology have the following components:

  • Fire alarm center with emergency power supply
  • Automatic fire alarms
  • Fire detectors
  • Signal transmitter
  • Transmission device
  • Fire brigade display panel
  • Fire brigade control panel
  • Fire brigade activation device (FSE)

These components are interconnected on a data bus in a ring (loop) so that if the ring line is interrupted, the control center is fed from both lines and all participants continue to function.

Smoke aspiration systems are used for special areas of application (e.g. rooms such as elevators and technical rooms). Here, air is passed through a pipe system to a central detector unit and evaluated. This has the great advantage that no access to the rooms is required for maintenance work and troubleshooting

The fire alarm center is the most important part of the system. All messages from the installed sensors run there and trigger the previously programmed actions. This can be the placing of an emergency call, the activation of fire protection equipment or an announcement unit. Each fire alarm center has an individual operation. For the fire brigade, training to operate the systems would not be feasible given the number of different models. To solve this problem, a uniform interface for the fire brigade has been developed, which is installed at the fire brigade’s building entrance in a fire brigade information center.

After triggering the fire brigade, the incoming fire brigade can gain access to the property via the fire brigade key depot. The triggered detector is detected in the building with the help of the fire brigade display panel. The most important functions are operated via the fire brigade control panel. The fire brigade now takes the fire brigade route cards from the routing card box, which show the fastest access (route) for each individual detector group.

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