Mobile Air Ventillation Mask

Portable ventilators have become an essential game changer in today’s rapidly evolving domain of medical science. Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. offers smart mobile air ventilation solutions. Learn more by contacting us today!

What is a Mobile Air Ventilation Mask?

Mobile ventilator masks are a lightweight device that can be easily carried from one place to another and require very little maintenance. They are useful to patients who require long-term, uninterrupted oxygen support without having to be admitted to critical care ventilation systems.

A mobile air ventilation mask consists of a flexible breathing circuit and generally uses the surrounding air to support its patients. While nothing replaces the work done by critical care ventilators, these portable systems are very resourceful to patients with long-term breathing-related illnesses with no immediate life-threatening consequences.

How Does a Mobile Air Ventilation Mask Work?

Mobile ventilation masks are equipped with a portable system that delivers room air or, in more serious cases, oxygen-enriched gas into the breathing circuit. In this circuit, it is humidified by a heat exchanger before delivery to the patients.

Most mobile devices use positive pressure to deliver oxygen to the lungs of the patient. These devices are highly useful for patients suffering from pneumonia like illnesses, and are also used during an event involving mass casualties. 

In addition to being lightweight, mobile air ventilation masks are also easy to wear and operate. Once the patient wears a mobile air ventilation mask, it can be easily turned on and off with little to no assistance from a caregiver. However, a professional handling the ventilator is still recommended as he or she has the right knowledge of monitoring and evaluating the patient. 


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