Optical Fiber Intrusion Detection System


It is capable of detecting intruders from the pressure of their weight on the earth’s surface that is being investigated in the laboratory. If an intruder steps above or in proximity to the buried sensor, it induces a shift in phase light that is being propagated along the fiber that in turn allows for the
detection and localization of intrusions. Disturbances can be monitored along with a long length of optical fiber. This process can be done with
advent of the use of an ultra-stable erbium-doped fiber laser and phase sensitive optical time domain reflectometry. An amalgamation of optical
feedback and insulation of the laser cavity against the environmental effects that makes the narrow line width along the low frequency drift in the laser.

The laser frequency drift has been characterized using an all-fiber device. It is found to be less than 1 MHz/min, according to the required operation for the intrusion detection system. Using a transducer Intrusion activities are being simulated in a laboratory setting in order to produce a controllable
optical phase shift along at the path of a long length at every point of a certain length. Light pulses from the stable laser into the sensing fiber have
been used for interrogation of the distributed sensor. The phase disturbances were detected and located by monitoring the backscattered light along with a photo detector and comparing traces with and without an induced phase shift.

The sensor that been used has the potential benefits of heightened sensitivity, covertness, and greatly reduced cost over the conventional seismic, acoustic, infrared, magnetic, and fiber optic sensors for monitoring long (multi-km) perimeters.

It is an advanced Plug & Play for underground Perimeter Security System. This sensor comes as a standalone kit or also as a network connected
device.With this sensor the sensitivity can be adjusted very efficiently. For automatic sensitivity adjustment there is a moisture Sensor. The installation is very easy, like a plug & play installation process. It can easily connect with relay to the CCTV or the alarm system. It’s not only easy to Install but also very easy to operate, where no such training or tool is required. It is an intelligent device that can classify the event of intrusion

Weather the intrusion happened by any human steps or by any vehicle. It can work as a standalone system and is not visible to the passers as it is buried inside the ground. The Seismo Underground Sensor (UGS) is

Ideal for the use at commercial & industrial premises or sometimes utility area or to some places where any infrastructure is happening. It can protect every entry or exit routes or premises being invisible. There are some blind points at the perimeter that can go without any monitoring, but with this system it can also be protected. It can not only detect the intrusion but also it can detect it prior to the event of intrusion, such as at the time of when the approach of the intrusion is happening. There are many areas where there is no such traffic or human interference happens, where the security can be challenging .But with this system one can secure that area. Not only industrial areas but also farms and private homes can be protected using this.

The design of the whole intrusion system involves the use of a fiber interferometer with a ‘sensing loop’ that consists of a delay line and buried fiber segment. The intrusion sensor here is configured for all fiber remote deployment where active components such as source, receiver, and demodulator are located separately and has been connected to the sensors through an insensitive fiber tether that enables high sensitivity as well as easy deployment.

1. Border areas
2. Defence organizations
3. Business Organizations
4. Law enforcement agencies
5. Govt assets
6. Defence assets
7. Petroleum industry

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