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Site survey has been a most important part of proper security and surveillance project design and development. It assists us to develop a comprehensive security and surveillance system.

Once you have the answers of all the asked questions in the Site survey form 1/2, send us the completed form on the email is and we will start working on the design with the immediate effect.

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Green IP ™ was incorporated in 2016 under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India. Green IP ™ is registered as a vendor under Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Telecommunication, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Broadcasting Engineering Consultants India Limited (A Govt of India Enterprise registered under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) and Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (A Govt of India Enterprise registered under Ministry of Telecommunication).

Green IP ™ and its principal companies are certified by International Organisations and following certificates are obtained:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001
  • ISO 27001
  • IEC Certificate
  • UL Certificate
  • RoHS Certificate
  • BIS Certificates
  • FCC Certificates


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Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. ( GreenIP ™ ) provides consultancy services in wide range of security and surveillance domains i.e. Perimeter Security, Intrusion detection and deterrence system, IT security, physical security and fraud prevention through information security technologies and other latest technologies use, to Defence, Paramilitary.

Our consulting services are aimed at offering the best possible professional solution for security and intrusion fears. If you are facing with a situation and have concerns about the following, then we can be of assistance:

Perimeter Security Surveillance, Intrusion detection and deterrence system, perimeter surveillance, Burglary, crime, vandalism, theft, pilferage, employee theft, shoplifting, data misuse, industrial espionage, counterfeiting, fire, emergency evacuation, business continuity, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), covert cameras, access control (personnel & vehicular), monitoring, employee fraud, suppliers fraud, vendors fraud, threat assessment etc.

Our experience and expertise in specific business area will assist you in process of securing your organization from all the possible threats. Our idea is to assemble your initiation and our experience in such a way that it come up with great solutions, beyond anyone expectation.

We know that our suggestions can only be fruitful if we on our own have knowledge about all the latest and reliable technologies and to assure you the best solution of your problem our consulting group is comprised of in house consultants and a number of associates who have highly specialized skills and experienced in specific industry sectors such as Defence, Paramilitary, Smart Policing, Smart cities, Oil refineries, Nuclear power plants and other industries etc.

Our clients rely on our expertise for professional advice and we offer the highest international standards in our field. Our consulting services are always being appreciated for its constant 24×7 support with expert’s advices whenever demanded. Our main concern has always to maintain a long term business relationship with customer, we believe in understanding the clients requirement beyond the limit of their thoughts so that in future also they would not stumble upon any relevant issues.

Our organization works hand in hand with the client’s organization from the planning stage to implementation stage and finally the checking stage to increase client confidence, productivity and safety.

Our good relationship and tie up with the manufacturers, distributors and installers of security products and services helps us in giving best possible assistance to our clients in all concerning areas.

Key Features

  •    Deep technical and market skills as per the market.
  • Expertise understanding of clients problem related to security and surveillance of the customer site.
  • Highly specialized and experience of all products and services related to security and surveillance.
  • We work as per the client satisfaction.
  • 24×7 assistance for clients by specialized professionals.
  •   Proper reporting to the client.
  • We believe in providing best and economical solution the customers.

For any more information related to Consultancy service, you can contact us.


System Integration: 

GreenIP ™ offers System Integration solutions and services for perimeter security and surveillance applications, customized applications as per clients need, application developments and service oriented applications related to security and surveillance.

GreenIP ™ has a vide experience of system integration of Electric fence, Smart fence, Anti Climb fence, Buried Optical Fiber for intrusion detection and Buried Seismic sensor for monitoring on ground activity, Cctv, Access control system, High mast. Street lights, Smart poles, Optical fiber intrusion detection system, public addressing system, IT products including servers, switches, routers, IT infrastructure etc, surveillance system which includes bollards, boom barrier, under vehicle scanning systems, ANPR cameras, Command and Control systems, security and surveillance lights and products related to the Smart City/Secured City projects like Radio, Microwave and satellite communication, Smart surveillance products like Intelligent traffic management system.

Not only this but also Green IP ™ is efficient at integrating two or more products in such a way that not only it fulfils end user requirements flawlessly but also share resources and output as they have never been separated earlier or were made together itself.

GreenIP ™ also providesservicesto the customers to get the existing application/products customized as per their requirement:

  • Upgradation of the product or entire security project.
  •  Smart Integration with other available third party systems for better surveillance.
  • Installation of the new products as per the site requirement to achieve the customer satisfaction.
  • Replacement of the faulty products.

GreenIP ™ Range of System Integration Services provided:

  •   Integration with new or existing products.
  • Customization of existing application as per end user requirement.
  • Access and monitoring of all the system through central as well as local access points.
  •   Customization of the product as per the security threat.
  • Customized communication infrastructure for application as per client site requirement

Key Features

  • Continual research of existing products and software versions.
  •   Fully utilization of all the resources available.
  • Use of latest and best technologies as per the market.
  • Integration with existing or new product/technology.
  • Using techniques to boost the performance of the product/technology.
  • Clients can rely on us for their demands.
  • 24 x 7 support for troubleshooting or any other assistance.
  • Experts research and development team.

For any more information related to System Integration, you can contact us.


Turnkey Projects: 

Green IP ™ is committed to formulate, create and deliver innovative, cost efficient software and engineering solutions, delighting customers in aspect of quality, reliability and delivery.

We undertakes turnkey project contracts in the field of perimeter surveillance and security, integrated security, IT infrastructure, building management system, intelligent traffic monitoring system,vehicle and human surveillance system, smart card based applications and many more.

We have implemented customized solutions as per our clients need and infrastructure’s demand. Our products works 24*7 to secure the clients property.

In requirement analysis phase, our consulting team visits the site to do the site survey in order to understand the site requirement, functional requirement related to perimeter surveillance and security. Through understanding of your functional requirement in detail we will work as a solid foundation for the end to end solution we will deliver. service requirements, infrastructure requirement like active barrier, passive barrier for intrusion, non IT and IT including servers, database, application, operating system.

Our design is always dependent on the threat level of intrusion on the site and the solution will be designed for intercepting the intrusion attempts on every level. Our designs are made of no of active and passive layers as we believe in layer security.

Our optimum project management ensures best planning and implementation reliability that leads to your successful investment at minimum time and cost risk. For project implementation and plan start-up, our focus is on the detection of intruder before he/she touches the perimeter. Our main focus in on giving Return of investment to our customer by detection of intrusion before the intruder touches the perimeter by giving the customer a time window of 4-5 minutes to respond to the intruder for saving lives and information.

Successful Installations at:

        Defence Establishments         VVIP Residences
        Atomic Energy and Research Establishments         Space Research Organisations
        Prisons         Hydro Power Dams and Oil Refineries
        Embassies         Industries
        Para Military Forces         Resorts


Key Features:

  • Our turnkey process includes all of the steps involved to complete the project including the site survey, space planning, purchasing and installation of required equipment’s at site, Market research,communication  with vendor and procured required external equipment’s and all remaining steps tillcomplete installation.
  • Solutions to customers as a single point operations responsibility.
  • Our main aim is to design a perfect solution for intrusion detection and deterrence system.
  • Takes care of end to end solutions encompassing consulting services, design, supply, installation, commissioning, andoperations.
  • Simplifies all client operations and reduces total cost of ownership and tries to give maximum ROI (Return of investment).
  • Increase speed of operations and thus improves performance.
  •   Integrates the feature of high availability as per your requirements.
  • Design our systems ensuring maximum service availability with available spare parts.
  • Design interoperable systems in order to support information flow and integration.
  • End-to-end security cover to protect lives, intellectual property, information, applications, services, data and the infrastructure from intentional,unintentional or malicious attacks or thefts from external or internal entities using Active deterrent, passive deterrent, firewalls, IPS/IDSsystems, VPN etc.
  • Use mechanism for simple management and maintenance.
  • We take complete responsibility of successful project accomplishment.
  • Minimum cost and project risk through turnkey solutions expertise.
  •    Intelligent solutions to optimize your investment costs.

For any more information related to Turnkey services, you can contact us.


Comprehensive Annual maintenance contract(CAMC):-

Green IP ™ has a dedicated team to cater the maintenance services of the Security & Surveillance and IT Products. Quality output from any machine depends on machine repeat performance. To get repeat performance, system maintenance is a key factor. In order to help our customers in getting the best throughput from the system, we have introduced the concept of Comprehensive annual maintenance Contracts.

We are actively involved in providing the Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of all the installed systems & equipment’s to our esteemed clients. We always try to deliver  best of the services to  customers in order keep the products running properly. Green IP ™ is equipped with industries trained professionals to provide the services to our clients within the committed timeline in order to meet their operational / organizational service needs.

Key Features :

  • Maintenance of Active & Passive Security & Surveillance, IT infrastructure has become essential to various customers looking for better and betteroption to keep their system up running with minimum downtime.
  • Our team works 24/7, 365 days with a dedication to fulfil the customers need.
  • Dedicated professional team to give services to the customer.
  • Better service levels at economical cost.
  • We also believe in keeping the sufficientspares with us in order to provide the better services. We also believe in giving free product replacement services during the time of CAMC.
  • Certified technicians skilled in cross-platform environments.
  •   Ability to provide or supplement in-house maintenance.

For any more information related to Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services, you can contact us.



Green IP ™ also manufactures many World Class security and surveillance products used for perimeter security and surveillance. Green IP ™ manufacturing department has employed by highly trained staff reflects the understanding of latest techniques. The flexible and responsive production- line layout enables quick throughput and short lead time manufacturing. Flexibility to be able to handle both high and low volume orders through dedicated lines using optimized assembly methods ensures cost effective manufacturing.


Some of  the Equipment’s manufactured by Green IP ™

Key Features :

  • Effective Research and Development techniques used.
    •  World class raw material used.
    •  Long lasting and reliable products.
    •  Bestindustrial methods used.
    •  Latest Technology of Israel, United Kingdom and Germany are used.

Research & Development:

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Artificial Intelligence:

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