Thermal Surveillance Cameras


Like the visible light spectrum, there are many spectrums and heat radiation has one unseen spectrum. Thermal imaging cameras allow seeing and measuring temperature differences efficiently maintaining a safe distance. It can identify heat sources in very dark or obscured places. These cameras enable the surveillance techniques in a whole new way.

The key component here is a heat sensor, which is being attached to a special type of lens that works alongside standard image-capture technology.

Thermal cameras generally operate at wavelengths up to 14,000nm.On a color thermographic display; warmer regions will show up as reds, oranges and yellows. The cooler region will be displayed as purples and blues. It works by detecting and measuring the heat signature of objects. Here the lens that allows IR frequencies to pass through and focus on, to a special sensor array which will, in turn, detect and read them heat signature.

The array is basically a grid of pixels that reacts to the infrared wave lengths, that converts them into an electronic signal after hitting them. These signals are being sent to a processor of the camera. These are being converted by the algorithms into a color map of different temperature values, which is been sent to the display screen.

Thermal imaging cameras are used with video analytics, where always high-contrast image is being produced. It is widely used in video surveillance also where the heat signature is being used to detect intrusion. These cameras can detect even slight differences among people, vehicles, backgrounds and other elements within the target area and that can be highlighted in the video, and gives a better picture in all conditions.

These allow fast wide-angle detection of threats from a safe distance, up to 50km.This makes the thread detection and prevention easier. It has the capability to detect temperature precisely. Which can be used in sensitive areas like datacenters or manufacturing plants .It not only here detects the intrusion but also triggers alarms if temperatures exceed the safe levels?

Use of thermal cameras in surveillance devices:

Thermal cameras for drones:

It is sometimes used in UAVs, aka drones. It enhances its capabilities of surveillance in difficult-to-observe conditions. It helps the drone to get footages at night and help preventing intrusion at night. It is highly helpful for emergency response units, search and rescue teams, and in tactical military applications.

Thermal imaging marine cameras:

For maritime security system these cameras very crucial. It helps in detecting and preventing the intrusion. The underwater thermal imaging helps to detect the presence of submarine or any other under water intrusion or fatal attack.

Thermal security cameras:

Thermal imaging surveillance cameras have become a standard of the security system for protection, identification and return on investment.

They can reliably perform very well in low light and poor visibility areas. It provides the ability to avoid the visual camouflage, like the dense foliage. Thermal imaging CCTV are clubbed with smart sensors and advanced analytics technology .This package helps to reduce false alarms. This is cheap to install and can be used for run long-term than standard CCTV setups.


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