Video Conferencing

A video conference enables a thematic exchange among several people without the need for physical presence. Modern means of communication generate both an acoustic and an optical representation of the participants, which is often perceived as more authentic and familiar than a normal telephone call. Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. offers unmatched video conferencing services for organizations of all scales and sectors.

What is Video Conferencing Technology?

Video Conferencing is a form of digital meeting that is held entirely over a video circuit. As a result, a physical meeting in one place is not necessary. At the same time, the acoustic and visual representation generates the greatest possible degree of authenticity. 

A video conference is usually carried out in a professional or political environment. Video conferences are also a popular means of communication between students or between students and teachers in the context of distance learning.

As part of a video conference, a live connection takes place between several participants at different locations for a real-time meeting. People can both see and hear each other. The technical prerequisites for this are digital end devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones that have a microphone and a webcam. In addition, there must be a sufficiently powerful internet connection. 

After the prior invitation, the participants meet at a specific time at different locations, log into the conference tool and start the video conference. A calm and well-lit environment for each participant is conducive to a pleasant atmosphere for discussion. 

Advantages of Video Conferencing

  • The possibility of bringing participants together at different, sometimes very far apart locations is particularly advantageous when it comes to video conferencing. A lengthy and costly journey is avoided and travel time can be used for productive activities. This saves money and is kind to the environment. 
  • Video conferences also enable quick and uncomplicated use of specialist expertise. 
  • Special situations (e.g. crises) of globally operating companies must be managed regardless of location, and decisions can be made more quickly through video conferencing. The independence of location is judged by many employees as being nerve-friendly and promoting concentration. 
  • Video conferencing is also ideal for employees working from home.

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