Anti Climb Fence


Anti-climb fencing:

It is an unique perimeter security fencing system that helps in maintaining a guarded view that is being balanced with the need to delay and deter an attack .It combines a mesh fencing that prevents cutting and climbing with the fence framework to support a total security platform. These are welded at high strength welded at each intersection.

It has very tight construction and anti-cutting welded wire mesh. It’s very difficult climb on it and the cutting is also very hard as it’s been welded with heavy steel wire .This is much more secure than conventional chain link fence. It has a rigid double vertical wire welding structure which makes it much more difficult to climb over. These are having robust wire with welded joints that makes cutting very difficult by bolt cutters and wire cutters. The joints here are fixed firmly that doesn’t get damaged by natural human and nature force.

 It has small mesh openings that no toe or finger hold is possible, which makes it difficult to climb. If it is clubbed with fence topper of barbed wire or razor wire, tooth spikes, or security fence spikes it has become very powerful against intrusion. This combination is very popular among high-security areas prisons, utility facilities, government offices, and military properties. It has double vertical wire design that makes it highly intrusion-repelling. It is resistant to corrosion .It is easy to install and requires low maintenance. It is highly see through, that makes intrusion detection very easy.


  1. Prison perimeters

  2. Military sites 

  3. Government facilities

  4. Electricity plants

  5. Nuclear plants

  6. Airports

  7. Railways 

  8. Roadways

  9. River ports

  10. Chemical plants

  11. Gun manufacturing plants

  12. Wildlife sanctuaries

  13. Auditoriums and concert grounds

  14. Warehouses 

  15. Storage units

  16. Police stations

  17. Courthouses

  18. Psychiatric facilities

  19. Hospitals and medical facilities

  20. Schools

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