Sentry post:

It is basically a location where a sentry is officially stationed, typically a temporary or permanent building.

Generally the bullet proof sentry station is made of high grade ballistic steel. It is basically useful at the time of violent attack, terrorist activities, and insurgency.

Security gates:

These are operated by hydraulic cylinders of high speed. A power pack containing that contains an electric motor with a pump is being installed at a distance of 20 meters from the killer belt. In case of power failure an accumulator or a handle is also there in the pack for manual use. These are safely sit inside a lockable steel casing which is an all weather proof ,and the whole thing installed on a concrete base. The spikes are being raised either automatically or manually. To raise the spikes takes approx. 2 seconds .The barrier height here is between 80-450mm.

Different types of security gates:

  1. Slide Gates

  • V-Groove rolling slide gate :

This is basically an industrial security gate used for commercial purpose, also known as the rolling. At the time of opening, it moves sideways to left or right and it aligns parallel to the fence. It has roller wheels for movement that slides over a V groove ground track that in turn holds the gate. It requires high maintenance.

  • Cantilever slide gate:

This slide gate opens by sliding sideways to make way for incoming and outgoing vehicles. It is not guided by rollers along the ground track, rather moves sideways and back through either roller trucks or roller wheels that has been mounted to gate posts.

  • Overhead slide gates:

It uses an overhead beam that supports an enclosed track. It has a gate panel, usually made of aluminum is hung from the overhead track, to roll back and forth, opening and closing. It requires less space for the gate panel. But the height here is restricted.

  1. Swing Gates

  • Manual swing gate:

It is more like a door in that opens at one end and can be extended 90 degrees while fully open. It can swing inside or outside. It has one or two leaves. For the automated swing gates, space and stopping lines are necessary in front of the gate to for preventing any collision with any nearby vehicle. It’s not suitable for pedestrians. Separate access for pedestrian is required.

  1. Vertical Lift Gates:

It moves upward to open. It has twin lifting columns, one each side .The gate is raised above the height of the passing vehicles. It is space-efficient gate, and can span large openings up to 60 feet. It is most suitable and aesthetically appropriate for industrial settings.

  1. Vertical Pivot Lift Gates:

It opens by rotating upward at one lower corner .It pivots 90 degrees upward, and rests on its side edge when fully open. A space is required to store the panel of the gate on one side which is slightly greater than the gate of the height. The gate panel requires a small storage to store. It is suitable industrial settings.

  1. Bi-Folding Gates:

In this case two gates meet at the center when in the closed position. Here each gate is divided into two panels, joined by hinges .It makes the gates to fold and contract to their respective sides.

 It consume very small amount of space, because of compact motion of the gates.

  1. Pedestrian security gates:

It is a secured facility that is installed at human entrance points. It is a separate entrance for pedestrians.

  1. Pedestrian Swing Gates:

It open up and extend outward in a certain direction in order to allow single entry.


  1. Airports and seaports

  2. Public utilities

  3. Industrial/commercial factories

  4. Military bases and border stations

  5. Water treatment and chemical plants

  6. Railroad depots, crossings and train yards

  7. Municipal authorities and transportation terminals

  8. Schools & universities

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