Radio Communication

At Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd., we provide complete planning, implementation and monitoring of radio communication systems across all existing bandwidths. Our services cater to the needs of a wide range of industries that require effective and seamless transmission of audio and video signals. Learn more about our radio communication systems by contacting us today!

What is Radio Communication?

Radio communication involves transfer of information, in the form of signals, across the air & space with the help of high frequency/low frequency radio waves. In the broadcasting industry, it is widely used to transmit information in fixed and mobile radio communication.

Additionally, radio communication technology finds groundbreaking application in the Defence sector. They are often deployed in radio detection and navigation based equipment, the core principles of which are based on utilizing radio frequency.

Many of you are already familiar with RADAR, which stands for Radio Detection And Ranging. RADAR plays a key role in air-traffic control and detection of aerial intrusions. 

Other significant uses of radio communication can be seen in computer networks and the IT industry, telecommunications, remote controls and many more related domains where information transfer through radio waves plays a key role.

How does a Radio Communication System work?

A radio communication system consists of two ends, namely a transmitter and a receiver. As the name already suggests, a transmitter panel is a broadcasting station which is allocated a unique Radio Frequency (RF) carrier wave in a defined bandwidth.

The required piece of information is converted into a wave signal and is modulated with the defined carrier radio wave in the transmitter station. This modulated wave then travels to space through an antenna. Since radio waves are electromagnetic in nature, they do not require a medium to travel. A wave with high enough frequency can travel to long distances at the speed of light.

During this transmission, these carrier waves come across a specified receiver at a remote location elsewhere. Upon receiving the signal, the receiver demodulates it and processes the original signal back into the information originally sent from the transmission end. This way, messages in the form of audio and video signals can be transmitted through the help of radio communication technology.

Use of Radio Devices in Security and Surveillance Systems?

These days high bandwidth data are also transmitted on radio devices with encryption and the data received at receiver end can be decoded and decrypted. Data of CCTV Surveillance system, access control, IT Networking etc. 


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