Tyre Killers


These are basically a metal strip that acts as a speed breaker for the vehicles comes from the right side. It consists of spikes that can puncture the tyres of vehicles that come from the wrong side. It provides security against forced and unauthorized entry or exit.

The spikes can raise very fast if any intrusion is detected and it can destroy it immediately .It is powered by a hydraulic unit and makes its function smoothly. It helps prevent intrusion.

Working principle:

These are operated by hydraulic cylinders of high speed. A power pack containing that contains an electric motor with a pump is being installed at a distance of 20 meters from the killer belt. In case of power failure an accumulator or a handle is also there in the pack for manual use. These are safely sit inside a lockable steel casing which is an all weather proof ,and the whole thing installed on a concrete base. The spikes are being raised either automatically or manually. To raise the spikes takes approx. 2 seconds .The barrier height here is between 80-450mm.

Different types of Tyre Killers:

Tyre Killer Defender:

It is massive kind of anti-ram barrier, installed before gate intended to protect restricted areas. These are so powerful that it can break tires of very heavy trucks.

Tyre Spikes Round Spikes:

Round spike tyre killers are a shallow mount tire spike that are being able to work without any power source. It’s construction is flat with ground level, while the spikes are being protrude from the ground.

Tyre Spikes Arm Spikes:

These are basically designed to control only the entry especially to parking. It is designed to mount on the ground level or with low foundation. All of it is being constructed with steel and being protected by galvanization.

Tyre Spikes Flat Spikes:

It could be install in anywhere and can work without main power. If it’s been clubbed with triangle spikes it can break tyres easily.

Tyre Spikes Triangle Spikes.


  1. Air base

  2. Border

  3. Defense premises

  4. Parking zone

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