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Perimeter fencing very popular now a day, to isolate restricted .Fence can prevent intrusions or postpone them. The Fence Intrusion Detection System (FIDS) is one of the crucial methods for Perimeter security. 

These fences can help in detecting movement along the border.

It has become more advanced, after adopting new technologies that can be integrated with the central security systems. With the introduction of fence sensors it has become very important tools of perimeter security solution.

Intelligent fence:

These fencing have sensors which are made of fiber optic, non-fiber etc. These can easily be incorporated with detection algorithms that help to calculate the probability of detection and trigger the intrusion alarm if it detects any. Thus these are able to report a real time intrusion with the location.

The sensors here can pick up the vibrations and enact a response. The response can trigger warning alarm, followed by lighting up the detected area of fence or surrounding field, or activate video surveillance. To avoid false alarms, the sensors must compatible with the most suitable fence structures.
These fences have different vibration characteristics than other fencing. When someone climbs upon it the fence moves back and forth in a particular frequency. Cutting, sawing, and touching create different types of vibrations. Intelligent decision support systems (DSS) are there in the system that Here it is very important to select the correct type of sensor be attached to the appropriate fence.

For different types of intelligent fences, compatible sensors should be selected. Normal wind blowing through the fence also creates vibration .But the programmed control mechanisms can detect and ignore the vibrations of such natural phenomena as non-intrusive incident, which in turn reduces the event of false alarm.

Other types of sensors can be used via wire, magnetic, and fiber optic. For the magnetic sensors it issues an alarm sound when someone breaks the magnetic protective field .Fiber optic sensors triggers alarm in a similar manner to wire sensors, and is suitable for areas that suffers frequently from storms and static in the air.

The intelligent fencing can be clubbed with intelligent video systems (IVS) as sensors as a response devices. They can be turned on to record video or can be clubbed with an external alarm to detect intrusion. A taut wire supplementary fence can be constructed in such a way that it triggers a response after the wires got pulled. Sometimes a series of wires that runs horizontally down the line of fence, the combinations of wire pulling can also indicate the nature of the disturbance on the fence. If the whole fence made of taut wire can itself becomes the sensor. Buried seismic sensors can also be used as a buried sensor but it picks up all types of nearby vibrations even traffic. Thus it should be Buried be used in normally quiet or remote environments.


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