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Kote Inventory Management System is meant to automate a unit’s Kote procedures and to create an e-database about the kote inventory. The e-Kote Inventory Management System is basically a software package which has the database of all the weapons that has been stored in a Kote. It has been allotted to all individuals of the unit. It has rules that have been based on queries of generation to compile routine reports & returns.

Weapons have been issued to individuals based on the purpose, such as ground duty, weapon maintenance, firing. In this submission process the accessories are been separately marked that includes magazine, bayonet & sling. While returning the weapons & its accessories have been checked exclusively, by the war code and biometrics in order to ensure the issuance of weapon to its assignee only.

The report Generation through this system is based on the requirement of monitoring the in/out state of the weapon .The status of the report generation, such as if it’s 1) issued and returned, 2) Issued and not returned, 3) Weapon History, 4) User History.

The system generates the list of the weapons in the Kote, Profile based unit individuals, weapons not assigned to anyone, and individuals not assigned any weapons, primary/secondary assigned weapons.

It provides speed and accuracy of the system. It is easy to implementation, and efficient to man power. It is fully digital and it is secured by bar coded inventory and Bio-metrics and generates reports to monitor in/out state of weapons. It issues/returns the weapons on purpose to impose security restrictions and is time efficient in time of weapon issuing during mob, firing, and BPET.

Functions of Kote Inventory Management System

  • It assigns bar codes to all the weapons.
  • It creates the profile of weapons, in order to create weapons database.
  • It creates the profile of individual unit that is based on the thumb print reading method.
  • It assigns the weapons to unit individuals.

It is a biometric inventory management of weapons for armed forces, where the bar coding has been used for weapon identification. The issuing is happening by finger print authentication, allocation, de-allocation, private weapon inventory management, and also bulk issue and control store items.

In this system each weapon and its accessories has been bar coded with its unique individual code.

The barcode reader here reads the barcode in a fast pace and it displays all info with respect to the individuals, such as his photograph and his weapon. So in this system just the scanning of the barcode is required to enter the required data fields for issue/receipt, no ledgers/registers/documents is required.

The finger print scanner in the system ensures that the individual should digitally signs his issue or receipt action .This is a very prompt process and time taking, where it simultaneously renders authenticity, accuracy and swiftness of the operation .It also ensures that the weapon is issued to the right individual that it has been allocated to.

The system takes extensive care of the interaction with the users to erase all possible glitches that has been undertaken. Extensive testing has been carried out at alpha level (development level) and beta level (user level), prior to fielding the software in the kotes of the Regt.

The data base of the system here includes personal details of the total unit along with photographs and finger prints of the individuals, along with complete details of the weapon allocated in their names. The entire database is being used for various report generation and return generation that are required on a daily basis. These reports can also be viewed and utilized over through LAN.

The system gives limited accessibility in the user profile, where only administrator would be able to make any changes.

The use of bar coding method can transform operational efficiencies of a material management to a great extend.

It can issue normally  1-2 min per individual, but with this system it takes less than 30 secs per individual.

With the advent of this system, a user with minimum qualification requirements for the army can use it easily.

Sometimes there are innumerable tasks that need to be checked and regular updates taken at the same time. This software can be a help in this situation where it can be programmed, to generate reports that can be sent to all concerned persons at once, on every transactions.

Overall it decreased of the issue timings by 50 percent. It made it easier for the officers to get statistical data at any time, for efficient decision making.


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