Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. provides top quality medical ventilator systems at best prices across India. Ventilators play a critical role in life and death situations, especially in cases involving respiratory complications. Contact us for more details on our medical equipment and save more lives with high-grade ventilator systems from top manufactures.

What is a Ventilator?

Oxygen is among the most essential requirements for life. One can go without food for days and without water for a couple of hours but living without oxygen for even a minute is intractable for most living organisms, especially in the case of humans and animals. A steady stream of oxygen mixed in the air, therefore, is always crucial for survival.

Pulmonary dysfunction, which is a collective term referring to the diseases of lungs, is a common symptom associated with an array of diseases, with complications ranging from blood circulation to digestion.

A ventilator is a medical equipment designed to allow the exchange of air in and out of the lungs of a patient with breathing difficulties. In other words, a ventilator delivers packets of breaths to a patient who temporarily loses the capability to breathe due to prevailing illnesses. Traditional ventilators used to provide a constant supply of oxygen, but the modern variants are equipped with advanced microcontroller systems that independently regulate oxygen supply based on the condition of the patient.

Types & Working of Ventilators

Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation, or simply IMV, are the mechanical ventilator systems used for medical purposes. Since their invention, ventilators have evolved into a wide range of variants with different operating mechanisms.

Mechanical ventilators can be broadly classified into two types, namely invasive and non-invasive ventilators. A non-invasive mechanical ventilation system is a basic breathing apparatus that can supply oxygen, mixed in the air, to assist a patient. It can be easily prepared at home with simple domestic items.

On the other hand, invasive ventilators are utilized in intensive care units. In these, a tube is inserted into the patient’s air passage and pressurized oxygen is forced directly into the lungs of the patient.

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