GREENIPTM offers System Integration solutions and services for perimeter security and surveillance applications, customized applications as per clients need, application developments and service oriented applications related to security and surveillance.


GREENIPTM has a vide experience of system integration of Electric fence, Smart fence, Anti Climb fence, Buried Optical Fiber for intrusion detection and Buried Seismic sensor for monitoring on ground activity, Cctv, Access control system, High mast. Street lights, Smart poles, Optical fiber intrusion detection system, public addressing system, IT products including servers, switches, routers, IT infrastructure etc, surveillance system which includes bollards, boom barrier, under vehicle scanning systems, ANPR cameras, Command and Control systems, security and surveillance lights and products related to the Smart City/Secured City projects like Radio, Microwave and satellite communication, Smart surveillance products like Intelligent traffic management system.

Not only this but also GREENIPTM is efficient at integrating two or more products in such a way that not only it fulfills end user requirements flawlessly but also share resources and output as they have never been separated earlier or were made together itself.


GREENIPTM also provides services to the customers to get the existing application/products customized as per their requirement:

  • Upgradation of the product or entire security project.
  • Smart Integration with other available third party systems for better surveillance.
  • Installation of the new products as per the site requirement to achieve the customer satisfaction.
  • Replacement of the faulty products.

GREENIPTM Range of System Integration Services provided:

  • Integration with new or existing products.
  • Customization of existing application as per end user requirement.
  • Access and monitoring of all the system through central as well as local access points.
  • Customization of the product as per the security threat.
  • Customized communication infrastructure for application as per client site requirement


Key Features:

  • Continual research of existing products and software versions.
  • Fully utilization of all the resources available.
  • Use of latest and best technologies as per the market.
  • Integration with existing or new product/technology.
  • Using techniques to boost the performance of the product/technology.
  • Clients can rely on us for their demands.
  • 24 x 7 support for troubleshooting or any other assistance.
  • Experts research and development team.

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