Barcode and RFID Scanning System

It is often said that barcode is the past whereas RFID is the future with followers of both technologies eager to prove that theirs is the best choice. Honestly, there are numerous common features between RFID and barcode since both of them work towards solving similar issues in asset-heavy industries. Both RFID and barcode assist companies to keep a track of their assets and store item information. This information is usually imprinted on tags and can be assessed, stored and shared on an online platform. 

Difference between RFID And Barcode


  1. RFID allows you to scan multiple tags at once. This leads to fast reading. Since you can identify each individual item or product with the help of RFID, there are fewer chances of items being scanned twice.
  2. RFID tags are reusable and durable. They can be easily read even in harsh weather conditions since they can withstand humidity and moisture. 
  3. If you are within the range, you can scan RFID tags even from a distance.
  4. RFID tags are extremely secure, accurate and less labour-intensive.
  5. You can encode tag information.


  1. You are required to scan every single tag individually which leads to slow reading. 
  2. Barcode tags are printed on stickers or paper which is why they are prone to wearing off. Damaged or worn off tags cannot be read.
  3. You are required to keep the scanner insight with the tag due to its short reading range.
  4. Barcode tags can store a restricted amount of data.
  5. Read-only functionality.

There are various types of environments where using only a barcode or a combination of RFID and barcode is recommendable. Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. offers both RFID and barcode for better functioning of your business. With the assistance and guidance of experts at Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd., you can take an informed decision of which would suit your environment. 

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