Human Temperature Detector


It is an application consists with sensors and used for a non-contact human body temperature measurement .Two types of temperature can be measured, core temperature and skin temperature. The range of healthy body temperatures is from 36.1°C to 37.2°C. But temperature above 38°C is normally considered as fever. There are different areas for measuring temperature such as ear, forehead, or skin. Here the sensing element is consists of numerous thermocouples on a silicon chip that helps to measure an entity’s infrared energy. 

Other methods include rectal, oral and axillary temperature measurements. In these rectal is one of the most accurate methods to determine the core temperature.

IR thermometers functionality:

IR thermometers can measure temperature very fast approax 1-2 seconds. . These are more convenient and fast operable than conventional thermometers. But it can only measure temperature from skin surface but not of the core of the body. So sometimes it can’t be that accurate as, it is a mixture of core body temperature and surrounding weather .So clinical use of IR thermometers the ideal measurement range is from 35.5°C to 42.0°C, with the buffer of ±0.2°C.

Different types of measurement technique:

In-Ear Temperature Measurements:

In this case there is a single thermopile sensor at the tip to measure the temperature. For adults, babies and pets different sizes are available. This is one core body temperature screening method.

This method is more accurate than the methods of temperature screening from the bare skin, like the forehead method.

Forehead Temperature Measurements:

It is based on the same working principle as the in-ear method. But here the surface temperature of the skin is being measured, not the core body temperature. For the issue most forehead thermometers screen the temperature by scanning the hand. It takes data from different points and picks the hottest temperature from hand.

Fever Screening:

These are designed to detect the temperature of people when walking through a screening portal. The portal here consists of thermal sensor with spatial resolution. The portal consists with screening system that recognizes the forehead and the sensor measures its maximum temperature. This system is ideal for public places where people pass in huge amount.

Elevated Body Temperature Screening:

Here temperature screening is been done by comparing to the last 10 or 20 passers. If it’s higher than the average of the temperature, then the person is pointed to have a high body temperature recommended to be re-checked with a medical thermometer.

Different types of temperature Sensors:


A pair of dissimilar metals formed a junction are called thermocouple (TC) temperature sensors. Here one terminal shows a standard temperature as reference while the other one represents the measurable temperature.


A subtle change in electrical current and resistance within the device will create a temperature reading here. These are basically semiconductor materials with a special resistor that reads the data to prepare and show temperature readings on the screen.

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs):

In this resistive and the temperature values changes simultaneously depending on scenarios. These are very stable.


These convert the thermal energy readings and analyze it and show it on screen. These are useful for the entities in motion.


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