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The Security Operations Center (SOC) has considered being the first line of defense against any cyber crime. They can protect the sensitive data of any business against old or new, sometimes virulent attacks that occur every day. And the responsibilities on the SOC are increasing day by day. As the cost of data manipulation and breaching are now substantial, they are very important element of preventing cyber attack.

 The analysis says the probability of larger breaches is quite high. The onus on the SOC has increased due to the expansive variety of threats has created as of now. As a result a number of pain points has been identified by juniper team, that has termed as “Stay Ahead of Cyber-Crime,” Day by day attackers are becoming more technically advanced and constantly exploiting new attack vectors, and adding new skills. With the increasing quantum of social and spoofing attacks, and finds new ways to get users to click on links or trapping them with fake emails or websites to start the attack process.

For the juniper on premise soc, the first need is to find threats and intrusions very fast to stop the lateral spread of threats, in order to limit or stop the damage. Then the objective is to move from a purely reactive defensive stance to a more proactive approach, which is that, is identified by the new process of threat hunting.

If Juniper SOC Platform deployed in an on-premises infrastructure, and maintains the data within the premises it’s called the on premise SOC. It is helpful in maintaining very strict compliance requirements to handle data within the premise. It has the ability to handle large infrastructure and computing capabilities of the present within an organization.

It can analysis the events like an expert to identify threats. It supports during a cyber security crisis or data breach. It gives near Real-time alert of cyber security incidents and events. It has been installed on premise so it is cost effective, with modular service breakdown to meet various needs depends on the organization. In case of on premise SOC the organization can keep sensitive data on-site. It might be their regulatory requirements to avoid transferring sensitive data to a cloud-based SOC.

The organization can complete control over the SOC platform regularly, by keeping it on-premise. To produce best results in the context of the specific operations of the organization, it can be customize the process to run the platform. These customizations can direct the ways stakeholders connect to and interact with your systems, in order to improve the overall security and efficiency.

The organization can keep the control over the whole cyber-security team. By keeping the in house team running the SOC platform in-house, the control over training the team members can be specified according to the needs of the organization. This approach helps the organization to have a custom SOC service deliverables, that in turn seamlessly adopt the policies tailored to the organization’s context.


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