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Israeli company NeuraLegion, is famous for its security audit system. It has rationalizing application security solutions for modern development organizations. It’s system identifies the vulnerabilities, and prioritizes them by importance, and provides remediation guidelines.

It combines the machine-learning algorithms to application security testing (AST). It aims to omit the need for complex integration procedure and usage, along with to handling false positives in the AST realm. NeuraLegion creates a combination of machine-learning algorithms and an offensive approach to application security testing (AST). NeuraLegion aims to eliminate the need for complex integration and usage, and it handles false positives in the AST market.

It scans vulnerability by automated tools, where it identifies known vulnerabilities in software components, assist with remediation, and evaluate vulnerabilities to identify the risk to the organization. It offers NexPloit, penetration testing to simulate attacks against an application, software, system, or network under safe conditions. It helps to evaluate existing security measures to measure up a real attack, and can find vulnerabilities, such as zero-day threats and business logic vulnerabilities. It has a web application product that offers security testing is to determine the vulnerability web application to attack, that includes automatic and manual techniques.

It has an API security testing that helps to identify vulnerabilities in application programming interfaces (APIs) and web services, and also assists developers in remediating those vulnerabilities. It provides security scanning that identifies misconfigurations of software, networks and other computing systems. This scanning checks the systems against best practices, specified by research organizations or compliance standards. 

It has a risk assessment that allows an organization to identify, analyze and classify the security risks faced by its business-critical assets. It can help to understand the most important threats to an organization’s infrastructure, and prioritize remediation of systems.

Security Audits

It is structured process to review/audit an application/software according to a defined compliance. It usually involves reviews of code or architectures according to the security requirements, analyzing security gaps, and assessing the security posture of hardware configurations, operating systems, and organizational practices. It also evaluates the compliance with regulations and compliance standards.

It has security audit tools, such as

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

This tool assesses the source code while it is at rest.

  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

This tool examines the application during the runtime.

  • Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) and Hybrid Tools

This tool leverages both static and dynamic testing in order to create a hybrid testing process.

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Software Configuration Analysis (SCA) is a technology being used to secure and manage open source components.

  • Shift Security Testing Left

It can help developers to understand the security issues and can implement security best practices while the software is under development.

  • Test Internal Interfaces, not Just APIs and UIs

It is commonly focuses on all the threats that come externally, such as a user takes the input from the publicly available web forms.

  • Automate and Test Often

It is a critical system that often, gives high priority to security issues that can affect gravely, and urgently available resources to fixing them. 

  • Third-Party Components and Open Source Security

Organizations must issue the security testing for third-party code that is being used in their applications, especially for the open source components.

  • Security Testing with NeuraLegion

NeuraLegion has the process to tackle the shortage of security personnel, as well as enabling AppSec teams in order to provide governance for security testing that enables every developer to run their own security tests. 


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