Audio and Video System

The increasing performance of computers and the networks connecting them make it possible to use the audio and video media types today, which was unthinkable a few years ago. Audio and video technology are important components of media technology. 

In modern conference rooms in particular, audio technology systems are of outstanding importance for success-oriented companies. Green I.P. Services Pvt. Ltd. covers the entire range of leading manufacturers in the field of AV technology and, in its teams, draws on the know-how of experienced media technology engineers. Learn more about our audio and video systems by contacting us today!

Various Applications of AV Systems

  • In retail, AV technology contributes to improved customer buying behavior. While the video technology installations provide visual stimuli, the audio technology, when used in a targeted manner, promotes positive perception when shopping. 
  • State-of-the-art hospitals and medical practices use AV technology installations as part of their visitor guidance systems, in conjunction with digital signage solutions. Video technology is also used in combination with IP television for the entertainment program at the hospital bed. In this way, AV technology helps improve patient satisfaction.
  • In the lecture halls of modern educational institutions, AV technology promotes the clear conveyance of teaching content. When used in a targeted manner, audio technology systems optimize acoustic perception in large auditoriums and effectively support presentation technology.

Our many years of experience in the field of AV technology enables the team of Green I.P. Services Pvt. Ltd. to plan and install complex audio and video technology systems. Our support teams ensure that the media technology runs smoothly, whether on-site in the company or via remote. We advise and support long-term and short-term in all matters relating to AV technology. Our expertise includes audio technology solutions such as wireless microphones and powerful speaker systems as well as large audio and video mixing consoles.

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