Face Detection and Recognition

Retina & Face detection and recognition plays a vital role in surveillance industry today. Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. plans and integrates intelligent retina & face recognition systems for unparalleled and unmatched security. Learn more about our services by contacting us today!

What are Retina & Face Detection & Recognition Technologies?

Retina Detection works on the principal of capturing and storing retina details of an individual using the retina scanners and using the Image processing technology the UI enabled software confirm whether the individual is authorized to enter or not. It is considered as the most secured way of access control system where every individual has an unique retina and it cannot be copied and used by any one else. These days advanced retina scanners also tests the veins in the eyes of an individual to understand whether the individual is live or dead. Retina access control systems are connected to the servers for storage of the retina data. Facial feature detection and facial recognition work on the principle of localization and comparison. It automatically identifies a person by running a digital scan of his or her live image. This technology has become an integral part of security systems. Today’s advanced face detection and recognition systems can accurately detect and identify facial features even under the most cunning camouflage.

Other than security, face recognition systems also play an important role in contemporary biometric systems, when they are combined with other technologies such as fingerprint and iris scans.

Working of Retina & Face Detection & Recognition Systems

While there are multiple versions of Retina & face detection and recognition systems, the guiding principle of image processing is consistent in all of them. It starts with taking a digital image of the Retina & face and processing it for detection and recognition. A microcontroller compares selected features on the subject’s Retina & face and matches it against the set of faces available in the server database.

A typical Retina is performed by casting a beam of IR light into the individuals eye and the scanner captures the retinal image and UI enabled software stores the retinal blood vessel into the template. Retinal scan technology is considered as a secured form of access control system where it is not possible to spoof. The algorithm used is also robust and the un-authorized entry into the premises is not possible. 

A facial detection and recognition system returns coordinates of approximately 66 facial features including details of the eyes, eyes, jawline, lip contours, nose tips, etc. The sheer accuracy of near perfect recognition is a result of high precision and detailed matching of extracted template with all the temples available in the database.

Following are some of the most common applications of face detection and recognition system:

  1. In defense, Retina & facial recognition helps in identifying intruders and trespassers at the borders and confidential areas. 
  2. In Industries, it is used as a means of biometric identification for employee attendance and login time.
  3. Law enforcement agencies use this technology to identify suspected criminals on the loose or a particular individual in a crowd.
  4. Automatic face enhancement tools are equipped with facial detection and recognition technology for flawless image editing. 
  5. Retina scans & Face algorithms are also stored by Government agencies for Immigration and other Government work.

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