Underwater Surveillance System

Underwater Port Security System – Intrusion Detection Barrier:

• 100% detection capability, the net is the actual sensor.
• Constructed by 5X5M (16X16ft) panels – that are connected together.
• Each panel can act as a detection zone.
• No false or nuisance alarms, the system is passive.
• Alarm activation is triggered by direct cut or extreme bending only.
• Can be freestanding or attached to other structures. 

General Description

The latest in underwater protection, the USS (Under water Surveillance System) is the ideal solution for both under and above water perimeter protection. a fiber optic cut-through detection alarmed underwater security barrier, it’s designed for anti swimmer, diver, frogman net.

The system is a crisscross array of electronic fiber optic net reinforced with Kevlar and steel cable which is designed to prevent any undetected breach from occurring.

The USS (Under water Surveillance System) was designed to provide solution for waterways and underwater areas – that require a smart barrier to provide a total perimeter protection while having zero false alarms.

The USS (Under water Surveillance System) is also designed as a physical barrier to protect waterside perimeters from intruders such as speed boats, divers, floating explosive packages and other water based intruders.

The sensor cable comes in grid panels with reinforced plastic clips at every juncture with 160x160mm square shape

Unique Operational Capabilities

Easy deployment – The USS (Under water Surveillance System) can easily be attached to a fixed position such as oil rig poll, cool water canals wall, jetty, pier or a floating barrier such stabilized buoy or floating physical barrier.

The sensor wire assembly in the net form, 16 x 16 cm hole size, connected with high-security designed clips, which prevent any attempt to disassemble or cut the clips, as well as the cable without triggering an alarm.

The USS (Under water Surveillance System) is an interoperable net. It can be fitted the end user length requirements and can be deployed to a depth of 25 meter (82 feet). The system can be expanded as requirements change. MARINET can be integrated with RBtec control and monitor system via RS-485 or, TCP/IP.

The system is design to provide alarm for detection in zones as defined by the end user.

The “USS (Under water Surveillance System)” is divided into detection zones. Any alarm received from a potential intrusion will be displayed on a graphic color map showing the alarming zone.

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