Command and Control Centre

Command and Control System

To improve the performance of an organization technology is a very helpful. Modern technology helps in monitoring and controlling the important and sensitive assets, data and information and systems. These Command and Control Centre Solutions can be used in places, such as control centre, meeting room or coordination facility. The solution can enhance the functioning of the resources and systems along with the key information related to business that can be accessed on appropriate time.

These solutions can be customized according to the requirements of an organization. Solutions can be developed even for uncomplicated room control structure and also for the extremely complicated ones. It becomes effective through the use of modern audio & video technology , that work as control systems, where integration of some value-added services can boost its effectiveness ,and is being required for development and designing, installation, training, maintenance etc.

A command and control centre is generally the core for managing disasters, in response to the inconsistent conditions and various operations in a city, often referred to as ‘situation room.’  It is the place for overall organizational operations like monitoring, controlling and commanding are carried out. The CCCs (command and control centre) serves to the government, military agencies, departments of police & fire, universities and utility Companies etc. The centers are having vital information via important communications and systems that are connected. It shares huge numbers of decisive commands, warnings, and alerts quite flawlessly.

Integrated Command and Control Center

For managing the operations, management of disasters and handling of exceptions on daily basis the Integrated Command and Control Center or the ICCC provides the foremost and important source/ intelligence. Here complex data are processed at a comprehensive level and also provides intelligence for formulating policies and better planning. Various sensors and applications collect data positioned across a certain location. After the data analysis some suitable and workable details are structured to act upon.

ICCC operates as a Decision Support System for the administrators, to take decisive action after analyzing data collected from various sources.

It is helpful for raising the awareness of circumstances among the administrators through setting up the required devices and applications. It brings together all the departments of a government, in order to regulate better result, and to start making decisions that are motivated by data in the time of all situations. It also helps to connect with the supporting workforce in order to tackle the on-field problems .Here the customary processes are being regulated to respond to emergency situation. For every kind of operation, it creates an opportunity of data driven decision making.

Command and Control Centre Software

The Command and Control Centre software can deal with complex troubles and manage them by taking counteractive measures. The Software puts together the technically to built applications and carry out the required actions to resolve it.

The Software controls the related appliances, implements the approach system to move it forward. It is often used in various activities by a Government, in military actions, Law & Order Enforcers, and being also used to monitor, control and protect assets.

Customizing it as per the requirement is very crucial, and it is meant to keep track on every activity and ensure great level of defense. (ICCC) shall be setup not only to manage safety and surveillance of the city Police or Traffic Police perspective, but also host Smart Solutions for city’s Municipal Corporation.

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