Data Centers & Cloud Servers

With the help of technology, it has become possible for small as well as large-scale businesses to depend entirely upon data for just about everything they do or however they operate. Irrespective of the industry, access to real-time data is essential to make informed decisions, evaluate root cause analysis, analyse patterns of behaviour and whatnot. 

With our own high-performance data centers, the use of the right software and our specialized employees, we at Green I.P. Services Pvt. Ltd. provide our customers with cloud solutions that map almost every business process and application. Effortless, powerful, secure and highly available. Contact us to learn more!

What are Cloud Service Infrastructures?

We operate very innovative cloud management systems in the data centers. These enable all infrastructure components to be used in a service-oriented way as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and are adapted to your actual needs as well as are completely flexible and scalable. 

With access through a management portal, customers have the option of graphically assembling, modifying and administering their own data center. The computing power and the security requirements can be made available in a variable and scalable manner. The costs only arise depending on the actual use. In this way, users get a high degree of individuality and flexibility of their IT system with an optimal cost-benefit ratio. 

Of course, we also support all cloud services through our operational, administration and consulting services. The scope of these can be freely adjusted according to the wishes of our customers. In this way, our customers can decide for themselves whether they want to manage the operation of their own hosted private cloud 100% themselves or whether they can choose to call in support on a topic-related basis, or even completely transfer all responsibilities to Green I.P. Services Pvt. Ltd.

The security of customer data and environments is extremely important to us. We back up all data that is stored by our customers within our cloud services automatically and in several stages across two locations. In addition, the individual configuration of backup procedures and retention periods is possible and freely selectable and definable.

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