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It requires a professional approach that should be considered by choosing the right equipments it should consist of semi-active and IMSI catcher interception systems, and also software and applications that is suitable for the remote control of smart phones, tablets, etc.
The systems and/or services should be able to recover and analyze data from mobile devices memory by both physical and logical data extractors and also by CHIP-OFF methodologies when necessary.

Digital system GSM proved to be a lot more secure, encompassing encryption and difficult to breach. Mobile phone interceptors requires to be collected the right equipment to be used. A Mobile Phone Interceptor is an off-the-air monitoring system for cellular devices for intercepting and monitors GSM signals in fully passive way. Monitoring Cell Phone GSM communication interception can be achieved at the following frequency bands of 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2300 MHz.

For the phone number under investigation with GSM voice communication the cell Phone Interceptor must capture a specific communication. To extract the information, just having the phone number isn’t enough. A unique identity is being generated to verify all the GSM cell phone users. The mobile phone Interceptor gets the identity that is related to the specific phone number under investigation process, happens under a proprietary observe and capture procedure.

The system registers that contact number to be monitored and stores it in the memory, and the Cell Phone Interceptor observes that number along with the other targeted numbers that is being saved in memory. The system lets the user listen to the calls, along with the retracting of the voice conversations that were saved. The call interception can be examined or documented onto the system’s hard drive and stored for future recovery.

The Cell Phone Interceptor equipment is used for GSM interception to extract information for the intelligence on suspected criminals and terrorists. Hard-wired link to the cellular provider is not mandatory. The GSM Interceptor here is capable of intercepting the GSM signals, off-the-air. These Cell Phone Interceptors are capable of breaking the GSM A5.1 encryption algorithm that has been used in GSM communications for real time operation that enables it to track and monitor the activities of suspected terrorists and criminals. GSM Interception for the A5.1 protocol deciphers the encryption format that is being used to secure GSM A5.1 communication.

This system is intended for the government agencies and law enforcement groups to intelligently collect the basic GSM information (IMEI) of the mobile phones that is being operated in the 2G/3G (UMTS)/4G (LTE) networks, are present within the coverage area. The Passive GSM Interception System is basically a multi-channel tunable GSM Monitoring system which can be used to intercept communications from any cellular service provider worldwide.

The system ensures interception and decoding of the voice conversation from standard GSM-850/900 and DCS/PCS-1800/1900 Cellular networks present in the stationary or any mobile environments. The Passive Cell Phone Interceptor System can do tasks while it is monitoring. The off the air GSM monitoring system being designed to intercept Voice and SMS and also call related information from any GSM network that has been operating in 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHZ, 1900MHz and 3G/4G(LTE) bands, to intercept Voice and SMS from GSM network without any interaction from service provider.

The Hybrid GSM monitoring system is being designed to intercept Voice and SMS with the call related information from any mobile network that has been operating in 2G/3G/4G networks.


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