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What is Jammer?

A Jammer (aka blocker) is a resourceful device that not only blocks the transmission of signals by creating deliberate interference but also disrupts unwanted communications. The process of interrupting the communiqué between the phone and the cell-phone base station in the tower is known as a denial-of-service attack.

Though jammers are generally used to protect the mobiles or cell phones from receiving signals, they can be used as a security device in the military as well. Military jammers are basically designed and developed to counter threats, counter misuse of electronic transmission device in restricted area and terrorist attacks.

How does a Military Jammer work?

In the military, where there’s a high risk of a data breach, Jammers are used by army professionals to restrict mobile and cell phones from receiving signals. Moreover, these jammers are necessary for modern warfare and hence, it is very essential that every country’s main combat unit is equipped with such an advanced security device.

Unlike general mobile Jammers, there’s one type of jammer that is often used by the military and it goes by the name military drone jammers. These types of jammers are more commanding and powerful. These drone jammers are designed and engineered to deter the functioning of enemy drones by blasting electromagnetic sound at radio frequencies on which drones function and thereafter causing an interruption in the communication between the drone and its pilot on the ground.

Military drone jammer looks like a cross between a bygone TV antenna and an assault rifle, and by disrupting the signals, it can stop drones more than 400 yards away. These jammers are best for avoiding perilous substitutes involving ammunition and other projectiles. 

Types of Jammers:

  1. Radio Jammers 
  2. GSM Jammers 
  3. Drone Jammers
  4. Radar Jammers


  1. Police
  2. Military 
  3. Para Military 
  4. Law Enforcement agencies 
  5. Industries 
  6. Airports etc.

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