Solar Power Generation

Solar energy is one of the richest energy resources available for our use today. It is a renewable source of energy and can be used in several ways. A pioneer in the solar energy sector, Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd. offers extensive solar energy solutions in a wide range of industries. Reach out to us to know more about solar energy solutions. 

What is Solar Energy?

The sun does a lot more than just providing light during the daytime – every particle of sunlight that reaches Earth carries the energy that fuels our planet. And that’s the reason why Solar energy is an ultimate source of energy responsible for all the changes in our weather systems and energy sources on Earth. 

Though there are many ways to use energy from the sun, the two main ways are solar thermal capture & photovoltaics. Solar thermal capture, on one hand, is typically used for electricity generation on massive scales in utility solar installations, while on the other hand photovoltaics are used for small or mid-scale electricity projects like Commercial and domestic solar panel installations.

How does Solar Energy work?

Solar energy works by converting sunlight into electricity and then this electricity is used in a facility, stored in batteries or transferred to the grid when needed. The whole process takes place with the help of a solar panel. The solar panel works by allowing photons or light particles to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. 

When you install a solar panel on the roof of the building, it absorbs sunlight and generates DC (Direct Current) electricity. This electricity is then fed into a solar inverter which converts the Direct Current electricity from the panels into Alternating Current electricity.

Solar energy is gaining ground because of the advantages it offers. Be it a Private or a Government facility, everyone is using solar energy for several purposes such as to power auto motives, lights, pools, heaters, and gadgets. 

In the Defence, where there is a huge requirement of energy sources, army personnel is looking forward to integrating all renewable energy sources to balance the requirement of Defence stations as well as to create a microgrid. And solar energy is one of the best options they could look for. In Defence the solar energy is used where there is no availability of electricity in grids and there is no other source of electricity. 

India is on the best cusp of a solar revolution and we at, Green IP Services Pvt. Ltd., have been right at the forefront, leading the move towards renewable energy solutions. Not only do our best in class solar energy systems help in generating electricity with solar cells, but also play an important role in powering army auto motives and gadgets.


  1. Military Stations 
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