Kote Inventory Management System is designed to automate unit’s Kote procedures and to create an e-database of the kote inventory. e-Kote Inventory Management System is a software package which has database of weapons in a Kote, allotted to all individuals of the unit and has rules based queries generation to compile routine reports & returns.

Issue/Return of weapons in Kote Inventory Management System

Weapons are issued to individuals based on the purpose, eg: Ground duty, Weapon Maintenance, firing. The accessories are separately marked to include, Magazine, Bayonet & Sling.

At the time of return the weapons & its accessories are checked exclusively. It ensures issue of weapon to its assignee only, with the help of weapon war code and biometrics.

Overview of Kote Inventory Management System

Kote Inventory Management System based on following.

  • Assigning of bar codes to all weapons.
  • Profile creation of weapons to create weapons database.
  • Profile creation of unit individuals based on thumb print reading.
  • Assigning of weapons to unit individuals.

Advantages of Kote Inventory Management System
The database of weapons and unit individuals provides following queries results.

  • Speed and Accuracy
  • Ease of Implementation.
  • Man Power Efficient
  • Paper less Concept
  • Inherent security due to Bar coded inventory and Bio-metrics.
  • Reports generation to monitor in/out state of weapons.
  • Purpose based issue/return of weapons to impose security restrictions.
  • Reduction in time weapon issuing of arms during mob, firing, and BPET.
  • Issue of arms only to person to whom it belongs to reduce losses.
  • Speedy generation of reports to monitor the issue and receipt, by the unit Cdr.

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